Individual Counselling



Individual sessions are for anyone who is dealing with grief, trauma, abuse or negative belief systems. Rowan uses a holistic approach to her work, encompassing several ways of working – from traditional psychotherapeutic systems of talk therapy to intuitive energy work, to support integration on all levels of mind, body and self.

 The aim of each session is to guide you from a feeling of internal separateness to wholeness and connection /union within. Each session provides you with a comprehensive experience of being safe, heard, understood and guided in the direction of wholeness.

 Each session aims to:

  • Identify and deal with the effects of trauma – understand that trauma is held somatically and ways to release this.

  • Identify behaviours, which create holding patterns of stress, anxiety and self limiting beliefs.

  • Help you to regain freedom to respond adequately to whatever your current situation requires.

  • Find a way together to create a new situation.

  • Enhance self-awareness, which supports understanding and acceptance.

  • Support you to restructure your view of the situation so that you can change and move creatively.

  • Connect with your own sense of empowerment through understanding and acceptance of your personal situation – which in turn allows positive change.

  • Learn to create new neural pathways through mindfulness and breathing.

Growth and transition can be uncomfortable and very painful. During these times insight, nurturing, support and opportunity to identify patters and conditioning give you peace of mind, insight and courage to follow your heart and transform your life.


Sarah says…

Out of sheer desperation I came to Ro, suffering from depression and an eating disorder. I had been a leading psychologist and had found it unhelpful, and so I was doubtful and apprehensive about seeking more help.

Although Ro was like no one I had ever met; her presence was warm and she really listened without an ounce of judgment and I found myself trusting her immediately.

I think Ro was an angel for me – through our meetings I opened up more and more and found I was able to then be honest with myself and others. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself and guided me out of the dark place in which I had resided in.

Looking back, I don’t even remember that frightened, unhappy person that I was when I walked into Ro’s door, all I know now is how content and happy I am in my own skin, and how confident and self-assured I am. I have Ro to thank.