Family Constellations



Family Constellation is a method to help you identify problematic family entanglements, which prevent the flow of love and connection in both your family of origin and present family or relationship.

What is Family Constellations?

A family constellation is a process whereby the individual is seen as part of a greater whole, not a separate entity. In family constellation work, the individual behaviour, feelings and attitudes of family members are understood in terms of the influence of the group.

 Within a constellation hidden family dynamics are brought into clear view and you are able to use the help of group participants to create a constellation of your family. Members of the group can represent family members and they often experience similar feelings and thoughts to the actual family members. This gives information of the systemic field - which can then uncover what is lingering beneath the surface.

 Healing movements are supported by the therapist, which brings in missing or excluded family members, suggests new and more conscious behaviours, and finds healing sentences for the family members to say to each other.

 A family constellations session can be practiced in a group or individually. In an individual session cushions or other symbols are used to represent the positions of family members.

What are the benefits of a Family Constellations Session?

We can find ourselves in patterns and reactive behaviours that despite counselling or other therapy – we are unable to change. These behaviours can actually be a result of what needs to be seen and acknowledged in our ancestry.

Family Constellations helps to understand your feelings, attitudes and behaviours in the context of the group. Many of the difficulties we experience in our life and relationships are due to the fact that we carry unfinished business from our family of origin and the burden that one or more of our ancestors were unable to resolve at the time.

To look at what happened to these ancestors and resonating their experience by “bringing back” some of those painful experiences and memories, allowing them to be “relived” and “resolved” enables the responsibility of what we may be carrying to be lifted and healed.  This enables the freeing of entanglements, and a reconnection to the flow of love and harmony within the family system. This can have a profound effect on transforming anger, illness, depression and anxiety – empowering us to live our lives freely.



Rowan was recommended to me 13 years ago and since then she has supported and guided me through many significant, and challenging, events in my life. 

She is very skilled and experienced in her field, is intuitive, compassionate, kind, and also has a great sense of humour! I always feel very comfortable working with her, and over the years we have used a variety of modalities including individual and couples counselling, family constellation work and energetic balancing.

I always trust her to recommend the modality which bests suits me at the time, and at the end of a session I always feel a genuine sense that a healing has taken place and that I can more effectively move on with my life.

Over the years that Rowan and I have worked together, we have not always been living in the same state. However, I value her expertise so highly that I will travel long distances to see her, as I know that she will be able to help me in ways that no one else can.