Couples Counselling



 The focus for couples counselling sessions is for the couple to re-experience connection. These sessions are suitable for couples in a wide range of situations – from those wanting to experience a deeper, loving connection; to those who are considering separation or divorce.

Rowan’s approach to couples therapy draws on a lifetime of learning and study – from traditional psychotherapeutic systems of talk therapy and the gestalt approach to relational therapy; to intuitive energy work and tantra.

The sessions have a specific focus on teaching couples to negotiate through issues that may be present, and methods of navigating through conflict, allowing them to move through power struggles into an experience of real love and connection. This includes re-visioning the relationship and learning about dialogical communication and support.

Learn Practical Relationship Tools

The couple has the opportunity to practice together the art of sending and receiving, so that they have an experience of being listened to, validated and empathically understood. This can involve specific dialogue transactions, which provide a safe structure from which to begin. Primarily we work with an intention to “cross the bridge” into each other’s world, so that there is the capacity to resonate and affirm the other’s experience, despite difficulty relating to it.


Rowan also utilizes other methods and the learning of simple tantric ractices that provide a means to take you both to a place of deeper love and intimate connection through breathing together, sharing appreciations and setting aside time to redirect care and attention back towards each other, which creates confidence in moving forward.

Conscious Uncoupling

Rowan’s couples sessions also provide a way of working to consciously and mutually end a relationship, if that is what both individuals decide. This process utilises the same tools outlined above to lay the foundation for negotiating the challenges that may arise with separation and divorce, and the dissolution of family. 



Coming to see Rowan was the best thing I have ever done in my 25 year career of learning about and practising many different modalities.

I really took on learning AND implementing all the advice from Rowan and my life has done a massive turn around. I am more centred, balanced, conscious of what my energy is doing, I have a fabulous intimate relationship and I finally was able to move on from my business, which was totally sucking the life out of me.

I would highly recommend Rowan's services to anyone, in ANY kind of relationship.


I first came to Rowan an angry, confused man. She has helped me see the love in myself and shown me how to be a real man.

The biggest thing I take away from Rowan’s sessions is a far better understanding of women and myself. I now have more awareness of my life than ever before.


"I have been seeing Rowan for individual sessions for over 18 years throughout various important stages of my life. Recently I brought my husband with me to a couple's session, as we have been together for 21 years and have found ourselves in times of crisis within our relationship. Rowan managed to open us up wide in the first session. We were raw and vulnerable and able to experience a fragile state of love for one another that we needed to access once again. That we did with the loving therapeutic support of Rowan. The following session together we went deeper into core wounding where we were able to access key dynamics playing out in our relationship. Core wounding. Seeing this with the help of Rowan was fundamental to our relationship rekindling in kindness, acceptance, love and compassion for one another, and a very certain understanding of how our wounds were playing out in our dynamic which in turn gave us the opportunity to completely change how we are relating on a day to day basis. Slowly we are building trust and a co creative relationship once again, one that has the back drop of compassion and understanding for one another. This work we are doing with Rowan is invaluable. I cannot commend her highly enough. If you find yourself in crisis and are ready and willing to go straight to the truth of the matter, no games, then I sincerely recommend you book a session with Rowan. She is a gifted, intuitive, empathic therapist who knows her stuff. Thank you Rowan, for being a truthful mirror and healer. Our marriage is getting back to a place of harmony and peace, and a functional balanced partnership. I am so very grateful for you".