energetic balancing

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This is a holistic approach and healing modality, which takes you beyond the level of mind and taps into the unconscious patterns held within the energy field of the body.

Essentially we are an energy being which is much more complicated than just a physical body. We are comprised of atoms, which in turn are made up of subatomic energies - waves of information that vibrate (our biofield). 

There are many factors that disrupt our biofield – environmental toxins, emotional trauma, negative thought patterns and experiences can all influence and disrupt the energy flow.  This includes negative emotions of energy passed from one generation to another and this may require going back several generations to clear particular patterns that are disturbing a person’s life. (link to family constellations).

When energy supplied to our bodily systems is disrupted, the organs and systems are more prone to injury and disease; and immunity is lowered across many levels. Similarly the health of the biofield also impacts our mental and emotional wellbeing. We are less able to cope when the energy systems are disrupted and overall this can lead to ill health, depression and inability to deal with stress.

This energy field surrounds and interpenetrates the body and holds within it all memory, experiences and discordant patterns. The cause of dis-ease can be located and stored in the energy fields of our bodies and this impacts our ability to function at our optimum potential.  

Emotional and mental stress, physical distress, trauma and false belief systems can be alleviated when the energy is repaired and replaced, creating a rebalancing so the body/mind can begin to access an inherent ability to heal itself. When working on this subtle level, many things can quickly change, leaving you feeling freer and lighter.

When healing occurs there is an impact on the level of our DNA, which positively alters our vibrational frequency. There is a harmonising process that repairs and rebalances our biofield, allowing our body/mind to move towards its optimal capacity to restore health and wellbeing.

Energetic balancing is beneficial when combined with psychotherapy and as a separate session.



I first met Rowan at her Yoga studio in 2003. After attending her classes and feeling the positive changes within myself, I decided to seek further guidance from Rowan to deal with some negative emotions that I had been carrying for many years.
I attended ongoing healing sessions with Rowan that changed my life. The healing sessions and Rowan's knowledge allowed me to really move on from the negative energy that I was carrying. I experienced so much clarity and positive change in all aspects of my life, and it is when I believe I was able to move on from being a victim.

My husband Jonathon saw and felt the changes in my energy, so much so that he began to attend healing sessions with Rowan, which helped him to make some big decisions based on who he truly was. I also believe that attending some sessions with my husband saved our partnership, as we had some issues that were really blocking us from existing in love at a higher level.
Today I continue to seek Rowan's advice, as I become so much clearer about what I need to do in order to be my true self. We have lived many miles apart for many years now, yet she is always a phone call away. I have been blessed to have her in my life, her ability to heal is transforming.